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Flight Specials

If you are interested in traveling like the rich and famous and don't have the financial means to make it happen we may have a solution for you.
Check out our empty legs flight specials and if the price is too high, make a bid!


Special Deals on Private Jets

We do not sell flights by seat.
You will have the plane all to yourself.

Traveling in a private jet

eliminates the hassle of traditional air travel and there is no need to wait in long TSA lines. From the moment you arrive at the airport, your flight crew will greet you and your travel companions with warm smiles. Private pilots are the most highly trained pilots and are required to go through rigorous, recurring training in order to maintain their skills and bring you safely to your destination.
Fly On The Go offers you the opportunity to fly privately whenever you like. If there is an empty leg in the sky, you can purchase that flight. If you feel that the price is too high, you can bid for a more affordable price. If approved, you will be welcomed on board and the airplane will be all yours.
We do not sell flights by seat. Once you book your ticket, you will enjoy a cozy jet all to yourself.
Enjoy our App on your phone and start searching for your favorite destinations. Whether you are traveling to a business meeting, going on a weekend vacation, or leaving on your honeymoon, you can fly in the most extravagant way.
Also, we offer last-minute flight specials to various destinations around the world. We make it remarkably easy to book great flights at amazing rates using your mobile device.

You decide where you go

We don't use the road to get you there,
we use the sky.

You make your offer!

We will negotiate with you a price that will make you happy!

Last minute flights special

Don’t know where to go? Plan your holiday last minute with Fly On The Go.

Book your next trip on a private jet.

You will find plenty of last minute deals that will fit what you’re looking for.

Find you special flight today!

Make it happen

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Are you ready to book your next trip?

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Travel in private jet at the coach price

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Fly On The Go offers you the opportunity to fly privately whenever you like.

Everyday, luxurious airplanes fly to and from their destinations while remaining empty. Whether on their way to pick up passengers or returning to their home base, these planes provide the perfect opportunity for private travel. Fly On The Go provides an elite travel experience at the most affordable price. Free to download, no membership to pay, nothing to lose!

  • Easy to use
  • You decide the price!
  • Bring your friends on board

Our Membership is FREE! Download our APP and sign up to finally fly on a private jet. Take advantage of all the wonderful deals we provide on our App

Our all-mobile platform allows you to reach the ever-growing number of guests who are choosing to be more spontaneous about their decisions. Choose a trip from our flight specials available now and start flying private! There are so many empty legs private jets flying around the world every day. Take advantage of all the wonderful deals we provide on our App and go fly in style.


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